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Full Version: Updating and deleting songsheets
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Hi there,

I'm new to MobileSheets, but am finding it really useful. I have a problem though. My music is stored on an SD card on my Samsung tablet, and I have to update the list frequently. Because my pc doesn't recognise my Samsung tablet, I have to take the card out, delete the music folder, then copy the updated folder to the card.

However, when I put the card back in the tablet, all the original music still appears on the MobileSheets list, even though I get a msg saying it 'doesn't exist' if I try to open it. Presumably they're in memory somewhere? How do I delete all those empty files other than by selecting each one individually?

So when I import the music again, it shows a duplicated list of everything. Huh

Any advice welcome!

Did you uncheck "Let MobileSheets manage my files" and set the path correctly?
And: there are several more convenient ways to maintain the songs folder than removing the SD card.
I regularly use these two:
- TotalCommander for Android is a file manager that has a plugin that allows accessing shared network folders (SMB) via WLAN.
- FolderSync is an Android app that syncs shared folders of different kinds with folders on the tablet.