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Full Version: Disappearing anotations
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It would be nice if I could designate one annotation (or an annotation group) to be displayed only for a limited number of seconds after opening of the song.
I would use it to briefly show a big message with performance reminders like "use classical guitar" or "no chorus effect" etc.
Are the song notes not sufficient for this purpose? You can have those fade out after a few seconds.
That is what I initially hoped, but the song notes display as a very tiny message which, to be honest, I can't even read when on stage. I suggested a setting for the text size some time ago. Later I realised that temporary display of an annotation group would be much nicer.
I think I could add a text size much faster to notes than adding all of the necessary UI components for configuring that new capability and the database tables to store those extra properties for annotations. If you don't mind waiting awhile for this feature, I can work toward having a setting for fading out annotations (or annotation groups) after a set amount of time. Otherwise if you want something sooner, I can add the text size setting for notes without too much difficulty.
Having text size setting for notes would make it immedeately useful for me.
Nevertheless I think fading out annotations would be nice as well, but not urgent.

I use Notes for this very purpose, but the text is small - even on a 12" display. Being able to change the text size would be a good modification.