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Full Version: MIDI tempo Sync
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I'm new to the forum and I hope I'm posting the correct way.
I'm using the powerful MSP with my pedalboard managed by a BOSS ES 8.
Any time a recall a song a Patch select is sent to the BOSS SE 8 to set the correct pedal configuration for the song.
Is is perfect.
I'm just wondering if there is any way to Sync the tempo via MIDI.
Thanks for your comments.

Does the BOSS ES 8 document the ability to set the tempo via any kind of MIDI message? Have you looked through the manual yet?
The Boss ES 8 can Sync through MIDI Clock received via MIDI IN.
Manual page just attached
The MIDI library does have support for sendMidiTimingClock, but I'm not actually sure what that's going to do. Is that really what you are looking for?
I play with a band and this will help the clock setting of all the devices, not only mine.
Maybe the MIDI Clock can be sent using the metronome?
Hi Mike,
is there anything new in the actual release for the MIDI clock sync?


No, I haven't done anything with that yet as I'm still not sure what it is I need to do. That "sendMidiTimingClock" thing I referenced doesn't allow me to pass a value, so I have no idea what it does.

Well I did more research on this and apparently I'm supposed to send that midi timing clock messages 24 times per quarter note. So the rate at which I send it 24 times determines the tempo. It certainly seems like an unusual way to synchronize the clock, but I can try to give it a try at some point. I'll need to add an option for synchronizing the timing clock to the metronome tempo or to drive it off a new value in the editor.