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Full Version: Export PDF via Companion?
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I've found a few times where I'd really like to export (copy) a PDF file from my tablet to my PC. What happens is, a bandmate emails me a song PDF/GIF/JPG (or shares it via dropbox, or whatever). Now having the PD on the tablet, I save the song into MSP, all is well. 

Except, I keep master copies of all my sheet music files on my PC. I'm realizing that any sheet music file that goes directly to my tablet is right there, managed by MSP, but I can't seem to grab it for my PC. Does MSP have a two-way file transfer path between tablet and PC that I'm overlooking? Or is it just one-way, PC to tablet? 

Of course I could and should foresee this and ALSO somehow get the files directly on my PC. Or, I could hook up my tablet to my PC not using MSP, dig around to find the file(s), and copy them. 

But it would be really elegant if MSP's file transfer capability was two-way, so Companion can be used to locally save any file in MSP's library.
Long press the song>Share [at top right].
I assume Long press means do this on tablet, then share the file in various ways. Yes, I can get the file off the tablet that way (or other ways). however, I'm not seeking a tablet-side method.

I'm suggesting an enhancement of MSP/tablet when connected to Companion/PC. Now, this connection does one-way PC-to-tablet file copy. I'm suggesting they also be able to do the opposite, tablet-to-PC.
If you are just looking for a mechanism to have the companion app copy the file from the tablet, I should be able to do that without too much effort. If you want me to replicate the export functionality of the tablet app, that I currently cannot do, as the PDF library I'm using in the companion app does not support PDF generation. I'll have to search for an open source PDF library that works with C# in order to add that functionality (and also figure out how to port the existing tablet code to use that library).
Zuberman: f you are just looking for a mechanism to have the companion app copy the file from the tablet, I should be able to do that without too much effort.

Mike, That's all I desire. I create my PDFs on a PC (one song per PDF, careful scanning, saved as pure black-and-white, straightened, cropped, partial pages merged, etc). Then I use Companion to copy the PDF files from PC to tablet. I don't use MSP for any editing or adjustment of the files, so there's no need for MSP to generate a new file in any format.

All I want to do is sometimes copy the PDF files from tablet to PC, essentially allowing two-way file transfer. This would be helpful to do all MSP file management in Companion on the PC, not jumping over to the tablet for some things.

On the bigger wish list, the ideal enhancement would be two-way synchronization (loosely defined), on a selected batch of files. Provide an action where MSP Companion updates all the tablet files to match a specified PC folder, AND/OR updates all the PC folder files to match the tablet. Update means copy non-existent files, and for existing files compare same files names, selecting newer date-time, skipping identical files. Perhaps provide control of overwrite, or option to overwrite, create copy, or skip. And perhaps provide the ability to delete a destination file if it doesn't exist in source (either direction).

These are just thoughts about rounding-out MSP file management via Companion. Batch action is helpful because I have thousands of songs (and growing).
John, I forgot to mention that I released an update where you can now transfer the files from the tablet in the companion (just right-click the song and select the new option to save the files on the PC). Let me know if this meets your needs.
Mike, as usual, you and MSP are amazing. Thank you!!

-- John