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Full Version: MobileSheetsPro 1.5.5 and MobileSheetsPro Companion 2.4.1 Release
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I'm happy to announce the release of MobileSheetsPro version 1.5.5 and MobileSheetsPro Companion 2.4.1. This release contains a number of new features and settings. The most significant change is the new display mode settings dialog. Display modes can now be set per song if desired, and many of the display settings can be accessed directly from this dialog without needing to go into the settings. The ability to change the tint of pages is also a very nice feature, as it eliminates the harsh glare of white pages. The color tones include sepia, gray and cool (a bluish tint). Another nice feature is a utility for fixing broken file paths. If a directory is moved outside of MobileSheetsPro (or changed as in the case of upgrading to Android 6.0) this utility can be used to manually change the paths in the database (by swapping one folder for another) or to automatically look for missing files and locate the correct path to them in the file system. I should also mention the new multi-level search on the library screen that lets you select multiple letters to skip to by long pressing on the letters on the side. This can be a quick way to locate a song without having to use the virtual keyboard to type. For example, to jump to a song starting with the word "My", you could long press "M" then tap "Y" in the list of letters that pops up. On a side note, I'm working on getting MobileSheetsPro up on the Galaxy App Store for users that are unable to purchase MobileSheetsPro through Google Play or Amazon.  The full list of changes is below:

MobileSheetsPro v1.5.5
  • Added new display settings and page scale settings dialogs. The page display mode and scaling can now be set per song if desired.
  • Added new multi-level search capability to the alphabet list when a letter is long pressed.
  • Added new display setting to tint pages to reduce glare.
  • Added new setting to control page alignment. Pages can now be aligned to the bottom of the screen.
  • Added new capo display setting. The capo for the current song can be shown as well as the capo for the next song.
  • File exports will no longer be canceled if a tap occurs outside the progress dialog
  • Improved export/sharing speed if a new file does not need to be created
  • Added a new icon to indicate when a song has multiple audio files
  • Fixed potential failure when importing files from other applications such as Google Drive
  • Added new utility to fix broken file paths. This can be used to fix external SD card file paths when upgrading to Android 6.0
  • Improved the accuracy of setting the metronome tempo by tapping
  • Fixed issue with the metronome count-in when using sub-divisions
  • The sync screen can now be accessed without wifi being enabled and will default to USB
  • Fixed issues with page turns when using the half page turns in landscapes with pages that are smaller than half the screen
  • Fixed issue with the annotation grid settings being enabled incorrectly by default
  • Fixed issue with the stamp settings icon not being tinted correctly when enabled
  • Fixed issue with some text documents where the last lines would show up at the top of the page
  • Fixed rendering bug that could affect annotation and link point placement
  • Fixed issue with text editor where the keyboard could hide the text
  • Repositioned some icons so that they aren't moved when other icons are shown/hidden
  • Added code to treat Ø as O while searching
  • Switched to Dropbox API v2
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.4.1
  • Updated for compatibility with latest tablet version
  • Added tempos column

Wow, that's an impressive list! Thanks Mike!
Can't wait to start playing with all the new stuff, but I have to -- I have a gig coming and you know my policy: no updating shortly before a gig...
Nice Mike. Your updates are always worth the wait.

Also nice that the Linkfix is in the update. (I had to look for it a bit, but finally I found it in the options). But I've got a couple of questions before administering it.

Does it work on all links, specifically also on the audio links? (I'm just asking because my previous workaround by Sciurius didn't work for those. There were only a couple so I corrected them manually).

If I don't want to use the automatic feature but manually put in the new path, is it sufficient to put in the main directory? Specifically does it change subdirs accordingly?

If not, wouldn't it make sense to offer a third option just for the 6.0 Upgrade or the change of a SD card to just change the name/ID of the SD card?
WOW! Can't wait to take it for a spin! :-)
Unfortunately, I forgot to include the adjustments for the audio files. I remember telling myself multiple times to not forget that, but it still slipped my mind. I usually wind up having a minor patch after most updates, so I'll include the fix with that.

The manual adjustment option substitutes the directory you select for whatever text you enter in the first field. So if you enter /storage/extSdCard, my code will replace every instance of that with the path you select in the second field. The reason I didn't offer an option for adjusting the SD card path is because I can't depend upon that path being /storage/extSdCard. The path can be different for every tablet. My Asus TF101 used /Removable as the path to the external SD card. Due to there not being a standard external SD card path, I thought it made more sense to let users enter the path themselves.


Thanks Mike, 
As you know, I have been waiting for this update for some time and can't wait to use it. I also have a policy of not upgrading before a gig, and as I have one tomorrow, I will wait until after the weekend.

This will make MSP a much more useful programme for my needs. Love it!!!!!

Thanks again Mike.

Rod Moffat
OK, so I used the linkfix on my mobile I updated to Marshmallow last week so I needed the database fix there. Here's a short report.

First, the automatic fix didn't work for me. MSP didn't find any fixable links.

So I used the manual option.

I have to say it could be a bit more intuitive or needs an info/help blurb, at least with an example, what exactly should be entered as former path and what to apply as new one. Well, I got it finally right by using the path from the error warning for missing file (maybe you could make an automatism to go to linkfix from there with the former, wrong path?) and choosing the new path.

That was also a bit weird since I didn't understand at first how to get to the right folder on the SD card. Maybe it's me, but it wasn't evident to me that I could (and had to) scroll the long path to the left to be able to go to the upper dirs. Maybe also something for the info blurb.

The first try resulted in an error warning (in German so I don't know the English equivalent) "error while updating the database". There was still the rotating circle with the message updating the database so I waited if it worked anyway, but it didn't change for hours. So, no.

When I repeated it the fix now worked instantly and showed the number of replacements. MSP found the songs again after that so in the end the manual way worked as it should.

If you have updated the fix for the audio files do I have just to apply the fix again or will that be something extra.

I had a suspicicion those wouldn't be replaced by a simple text/path replace since Johan's perl script didn't change was either.
(08-19-2016, 11:32 PM)BRX Wrote: [ -> ]I had a suspicicion those wouldn't be replaced by a simple text/path replace since Johan's perl script didn't change was either.

The db_realloc tool explicitly deals with AudioFiles. Can you send me a database (via private mail) that doesn't get the audio files changed?
BRX - I'll need to update the manual to have examples of how to use that tool. It's really an advanced feature that I don't want users messing with unless they know what they are doing. I'm surprised the automatic update didn't work though - what is the path to your external SD card? I'm only looking for specific folders that are generally used for external SD cards. If your tablet does something unusual, I may not be handling it.

Once I update the tool to handle audio files, you can just perform the exact same steps again.
Mike, i had to change the path from /storage/sdcard1/noten to /storage/exfat_uid/noten

Johan, I checked if there are still more unconverted audio file paths in my database and indeed there are. I'm talking about my database I used your script on of course not the recently converted on my mobile.

I'll see to get you the file. For now this info: there are still old file paths for a couple of audio files, for instance

/storage/sdcard1/Noten/The Firm (1993) - Score OST BSO BOF Soundtrack (128)/01 - The Firm - Main Title.mp3 and
/storage/sdcard1/Noten/The Firm (1993) - Score OST BSO BOF Soundtrack (128)/10 - Blues - The Death Of Love & Trust.mp3

which should have been
/storage/6630-6438/Noten/The Firm (1993) - Score OST BSO BOF Soundtrack (128)/01 - The Firm - Main Title.mp3
/storage/6630-6438/Noten/The Firm (1993) - Score OST BSO BOF Soundtrack (128)/10 - Blues - The Death Of Love & Trust.mp3

after I've used your script.
I'm definitely not handling exfat_uid as one of the supported directories. That's why it didn't work. I'll add that as another thing to look for.

(08-20-2016, 08:44 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]I'm definitely not handling exfat_uid as one of the supported directories. That's why it didn't work. I'll add that as another thing to look for.


This is a ridiculous situation.  You'd think that there would have been some agreement about naming such basic things as this!!  Something simple, like Disk 0 - root, Disk 1 - Internal storage, Disk 2 - External storage, would have made life so much easier for developers.  Google really did not think things through very well.
Completely agree. Especially since it was just sdcard1 before for all external storage up to lollipop.

It's probably not possibly to guess all the paths external sdcards will have under marshmallow and nougat, if that's what you did so far, Mike. Would MSP have found 6630-6648 with your method?

Probably it's better to search for Android dir on the external card and guess the path from that.

It would have been sufficient if I just replaced storage/sdcard1 with storage/exfat_uid, yes?
Thank you Mike!
Something odd with the Single Page, resp. Vertical Scrolling setting.
I set the latter as default but Single Page keeps coming back when I enter the Display Mode Setting again.
Would like to keep VS for all songs!

I like the multiple audio files indication :-)
Looks like a bug that somehow slipped past me - I'll get it fixed ASAP.

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