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Full Version: Nice to have: fretboard stamp
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To quickly add a chord diagram to a score.
That's definitely something I would like to add, along with the ability for MS Pro to generate chord diagrams based on what chords are in the song.
(08-19-2016, 05:36 PM)sciurius Wrote: [ -> ]To quickly add a chord diagram to a score.

I'll second this.

And also a tab stamp as well would be very useful. Currently I use the staff stamp, add a 6th line & frets manually. (it's ugly but kinda works)
For what instruments?
Eight-course Baroque lute?
Deep and dangerous waters...
For fretboards, 6 and 4 string variants are common.
I've never encountered anything else...
Same for the tabs.
But my views may be limited to my areas of interest.
Aye, 'tis true. Four and six string versions would probably cover most situations.
But indeed there are a few five-course instruments that are used for chords.
Most instruments with more than six courses are probably not used for chords so much since it's hard to fret that many strings (unless you use a lot of barre chords and/or the open strings happen to fit in).

I have yet to explore the possibilities of the 'stamps'. Could you modify a chord stamp to show various fingerings?
Yes, annotations are layered so you can draw on top of a placed stamp.
Good to know! That could be a big time-saver.
I'm not sure if this simplifies or complicates things, but one dynamic stamp would be kind of cool to have. Give an option of how many strings (4, 6, or more) and have the stamp expand to accomodate. Then have fields that can be populated such as chord name to display above, and then type a string of numbers to tell the stamp what frets to mark, with x and o for unused or open strings. Also, possibly add another number to show if you are higher than the nut

For example,
E (o 2 2 1 o o)
Eb (x x 1 3 4 3)

I guess this would be it's own little mini-program. Probably not easy to implement.