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Ok ... problem is I have around 1000 songs in MS and just upgraded to Pro. I moved the files to my SD card through windows to the SD card because I was running out of space on the internal storage and was wondering if MS pro can be pointed to the file folder where these songs are storage on the SD card and do a batch import ... without importing them one by one
Ah... that rather depends on exactly which version of the OS you are running. It also depends on whether the tablet manufacturer has given you write pemission for the external card.

This whole external card thing can be a real PITA (as you will see from some of the threads here). I suggest you first tell us what tablet and OS you have. With a bit of luck, someone else here will have the same combination and will know how to get it working properly.

If you are running Android v5.*, then you will probably be OK, except that you will have to write to a dedicated directory - not necessarily the one you chose out of thin air.
Did you encounter problems anyway or better did you try?

What about using import, batch import and choosing the directory and all the files?