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How doI creat a library samsung 12.2
Many thanks Bill
Hi my first post was short on information I use a Samsung 12.2 for mobilesheets 1.5.8 I am trying to print from MS . In the post on the forum they tell you to long press on the library then the three dots in the top right hand corner to show the printer icon, but my MS has no library icon I have tried a long press on all the icons on the main page but still no sign of a printer icon. Can anyone help.
Many thanks Bill. Many
I think you have it wrong.

Long press on the song you want to print - it doesn't matter where you are, the library, setlist, etc. - and the title will gain a box with a tick, on the left hand side. Then, you open the 'three dots' menu and the print command is at the bottom of the list.

You need to first select the song or setlist you want to print. You can do this by long pressing on the song or setlist title in the list. Once you do this, a checkbox should show up next to it, and then you can tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen, and then tap on "Print". Let me know if you have problems locating the print option.



Thanks Graeme, you were faster than me Smile
Hi Gamea and Zuberman
Thank you both for your reply it's simple when you know how sorry for being a nuisane.