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Full Version: Observations on the new 'page tint' feature.
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I was initially intrigued by this new feature! Thanks, Mike, for evolving the product.

Unfortunately for me, I was not really impressed by the 'tinting'. I could barely discern any difference, but it was noticeable.
Perhaps some degrees of tinting could be implemented? (weak, medium, strong)

My main 'complaint' is that the tint feature completely over-rides the colors I have included in the chord forms of my music all becomes 'gray-scale'.

Obviously I can just not use the page tint feature and everything will be OK for me, but I thought I would point this out in case it affects any other color-dependent features like 'highlighter' or colored stamps.

I was definitely trying not to go overboard with the intensity of the tinting. The effect is a little different on each device too, as it's affected by the brightness/constrast of the screen. If other people would like the intensity increased, I can certainly do that, but I found that the score got harder to reader when the background was darkened too much by the tinting. Making it configurable is also doable, but it would involve more work as I have to store additional configuration options and change the UI to support that.

As for the overrides of the chord forms of your music PDFs, I'm not sure what I can do about that. The algorithm I'm using for tinting does appear to convert to grayscale first and then changes the color. I could try a more brute force approach where I only tint pixels that are "white enough", but this would work much worse with scanned images that don't have a perfectly white background (and it's a lot slower from a processing perspective). I could add another optional option to "preserve colors" which would change the approach used, but this also would introduce some complexity into my current implementation and require more UI changes. I'm curious what people's thoughts are on this.