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Full Version: Text Toolbox missing?
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I accidentally touched something? and now nthe Text Toolbox (the one that shows the line size, colour choices etc) has disappeared. Cna soemone advise how I get this back?

Is this the one? Overlay>brush icon [3rd from left, at top]>circle w/triangle [top left]>show toolbox [turns toolbox on/off].
Nope, I can get that oen to open. No it's the big box that allows all sorts of I said it allows editing line size, colours, among other things...I accidentally touched something on the side of the screen and it just disappeared and I cannot find anywhere to restore it.
Go one step further, it may be the one then. The icon looks like a pencil, it's in the toolbox and at the top of the edit screen.
The text toolbox is always shown when editing or creating text annotations. You have to start creating one before it will show up though (by dragging to create a box). If that doesn't work, you may have stylus mode on. Tap the circle at the top left of the annotations editor to disable stylus mode. If you can't get into the annotations editor, use a three finger tap or follow Skip's directions.
Yes I have a SMALL toolbox appearing, as I indicated above. However the LARGE toolbox that shows colour options and line sizes options (among others) is not showing after I did something??? I have no idea what! No it is nto in stylus mode.
And it is not the text editor I am after...I can get that working okay....
Check the editor overlay, top left for the brush [3rd icon], then the pencil/pen [6th icon from left]. This pencil is also in the small toolbox. It brings up 'pen settings' [line size, mode, color, fill, etc]. Clicking it turns it on/off.
I just tapped the "Highilight" icon (to see what would happen) and the box that came up then is also the same style of box that used to come up when I tapped on the Pen icon (it reads Highlight Settings) all I get is this small box that just displays Tool Box
Tap the pen in the small toolbox, it should turn orange [on] and display the larger box. Or are you saying the pen box just doesn't come on when the pen icon is tapped.
Or are you saying the pen box just doesn't come on when the pen icon is tapped.....Yes.
Ouch! Have you tried using a different song? If so, I'm fresh out of ideas.
okay haha! that's cool. Does not matter what song is open. As I wrote I touched something or swiped something, I have NO idea what I did...and it just....went Sad
Hi, i remember accidentally minimizing the text box and not being able to restore it.

Finally I got it back with the menu top left, the small triangle in a circle. Try tapping the first entry one or twice. HTH.
Bingo - and you know I'd looked at that drop down menu before and just not noticed show pen settings DUH!!!

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