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Full Version: Need Urgent Help with Setlist
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So, I've got 5 different 13.3" tablets for our horn section to use.  About to rehearse for first time with them tomorrow.  I need help on how to build the setlist with the least effort.

I have 5 different collections with about 100 tunes for each instrument.  I want them all on all tablets, so that we don't have to worry about which is which, and if one dies, I can just hand mine to whoever is without, since I know most of the tunes anyway.

If I have to build each instruments setlist from the master song list, instead of from that instrument's collection, then I'm having to go down through 500 songs, instead of 100.  Much, much more effort.

At least once I get all 5 setlists build, I'll just backup the library, and then restore it into the other 4 tablets.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
use the "Filter" section on top of the "edit setlist" screen
The filenames don't lend themselves to being filtered, but I was able to sort the songs in the setlist screen, and sort on the Collection column. This at least got me to the 100 songs I needed to work from for each instrument, but when you do that, there is no secondary sorting, so the filenames seem to be in random order within Collection. Still makes it more work than it seems it should be. Got it done, though. Thanks for help.
I'm not sure I understand. If you say filenames do you mean filenames or song titles? If you mean song titles (because that's what the database works with) you should be able to get what you want with filters and sorting.

Doesn't the sorting menu in the blue bar at the top work?
The search bar at the top of the screen will let you search on any field stored in a song. So if you stored instrument in one of the fields such as Custom or Custom Group, you could filter on that just by searching for it.
Much easier to do things like this using the PC companion app...