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Full Version: Highlight chords
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I would like to highlight all the chords in the songs I have on my tablet. Most of them are but there are a few I get sent from other members of my group are not. Is there a way I can highlight all my chords in MSP?
You should be able to go through your songs and highlight the chords using the highlighter in annotations.

If you are asking if there is a way to do it automagically, I don't think there is since the 'chords' are probably simple text that MobileSheets can't tell from any other text. OTOH, I suppose there MIGHT be a way to do this with a ChordPro file, but I wouldn't know since I don't use them.
Yes, for ChordPro files you can have all chords automatically highlighted, there's a text display setting for that (Chord Highlight).
Well guys I've been searching through my tablet and Mobile Sheets but cannot find Annotations and on the net I can't find ChordPro to download. I'm not too good at these things and would like a little more explanation. Sorry to be such a 'divvie'..................
Did you care to read the manual, pages 99 and on?

As for ChordPro, it is not strictly a tool (although there are several tools that bear the name) but a textual file format. You can create your own (text) files with contents according to ChordPro (see and MobileSheets will show them nicely. Lots of ChordPro files can be found on the net.
Sorry sciurius............I must get some new glasses.........!! I looked through the Manual or so I thought I did but I couldn't have looked further into it. Thanks for that now I've got to find out how that all works, never mind I have all day tomorrow and the next day and the next day so I must be able to sort out what I want eventually. Also thanks for the Chordpro information............