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Full Version: ChordPro formatting: missing line
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When I import new ChordPro files, "sometimes" a line is missing.
If I notice that and play around with font sizes I can easily make it visible again.
But it needs to be aware that something is missing. It should NEVER happen that a line is just lost.
That's pretty unusual. I'll have to see if I can reproduce that.
Which additional info could be helpful? This happens not akways, but every now and then, with different songs.
If there is a particular file that, when imported, always cuts off a particular line, that would be really helpful to have (including the font sizes used).

Here's the file that showed that issue again. I can reproduce the behaviour by importing it again.
"Auto-Size Font" calculates
Title Size: 28
Meta Size, Lyric Size, Chord Size: 21
"Show Next Song": Always with "Text Size": 24
When I reduce Meta Size, Lyric Size, Chord Size to 19 (with 20 it is still missin), the missing line is shown, but the white empty space at the bottom is too wide, see screenshot.
I believe I have a fix in place for this now. I'd love if you can check it after the next update though because my tablet screen size is different enough that I wasn't able to reproduce the problem the exact same way you were.
This issue still happens sometimes. Next time I post another example.
There are some important changes in the next update, so I'll be curious to see if they help with this.
The behaviour has changed but the issues are not fixed.

The attached SweetGeorgiaBrown2 is  a reproducible example for both the wrong linebreak and the missing line.
The only difference between the two ChordPro files is just one additional linebreak, the text file settings are identical.
I have located the bugs causing both issues and have fixes in place now. Thanks for helping me track those down. If you need or want an early release containing this fix (so you can test it out), let me know.

Impressingly fast - thank you very much.
For my personal use it is not urgent to get a pre-release. But if you want me to test the fix before you release the next version I can do that end of next week.
The missing line is back again in V2.0.5 on Android. Thanks for fixing that.

The line breaks are still not OK. With unchanged settings the highlighted (B1) would fit nicely to the right of "Brown", the line break is not necessary, the G chord should be placed better above the 'o' of Brown, see Textsize25.png
When I increase only the text size by one the result is even more strange: the G chord loses the connection to the lyrics completely, 'Brown' is moved unnecessarily to the next line, see Textsize26.png
On Win10 the rendering is completely spoiled, the second and the third page seem to be rendered on top of each other, see attached picture.
Thanks for reporting those issues. I had to change my design a little bit because some assumptions were made in the code that were incorrect, but it all seems to render correctly now. 

Thanks Mike, the rendering issue on Win10 is fixed.
On Android two issues are left:
1.) After the line break that is added by MSP the horizontal position of the chords is not correct any more. The G chord in Textsize25-Chordsize25.png should be placed above the 'o' of Brown as marked.
Lyric Size is 25, Chord Size is 25 Bold.
2.) With Lyric Size 26, Chord Size 25 Bold the G chord is not detected as chord at all, it is displayed together with its enclosing brackets as lyrics. See Textsize26-Chordsize25.png
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