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Full Version: Phone as fallback pedal
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I was wondering whether I could use my (Android) phone as an emergency fallback for the pedal.
Much to my surprise I wasn't able to find an Android app that turns the phone into a simple bluetooth mouse. Lots of fancy apps out there, but none that:

* Behaves as a simple mouse (left and right buttons)
* Does not require special server/host tools/driver/stacks on the tablet
* Is free (preferrably libre, but gratis may be considered)
* I don't mind paying for a good app

Anyone here more successful?
Hm, I may be completely offtrack, but isn't one of the many apps which pop up for a search "bluetooth remote" something that can be used for this, like

I have tested neither, though.
I've veen browsing and testing for hours but you managed to come up with some I haven't seen.
??? No idea what this is
Requires server.
SPP based.
Only negative reviews.
Sounds like this might be something I could create as an add-on in the future if it would be useful to people. A simple bluetooth connection could be used to trigger the page turns. I could also consider supporting wifi.
> ??? No idea what this is

I thought it would be something simple like the small BTselfie buttons. The app pairs with MSP but indeed does nothing more, MSP doesn't recognize no signals that is.
What's the advantage of tapping on your phone's screen instead of the screen of theĀ  tablet? Or do you want to tap with your foot on the phone?
Why not Smile ?

But seriously, I can put the phone in a position I can touch it easily while playing. I cannot do that with the tablet, which is usually just out of reach.
...or you give the phone to a friend and nod expectantly when it's time for a page turn...