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Full Version: Filter, include/exclude mode
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here's another finding/suggestion in regards to filters:
Only the "Collection" filter allows to select the mode (include/exclude/assigned/unassigned).
I miss this specifically in the "Source" filter and assume it would be good to have in all filter fields.
Would this make sense?

I believe this issue was already raised on the forums and I have an entry in Bugzilla to add those selections where relevant. Those choices don't necessarily make sense for every field (there is no concept of unassigned for difficulty), but I can add them for group types.
Thanks Mike!
Could you include the filtering option "AND" as well? Within one group type that is.
I think it is just "OR" currently. On some occasions one wants to see the files only that meet both criteria at the same time.
I can look into adding that. If I add a checkbox for this, what's the best way to succinctly describe it? Should it be something like, "Show results matching all selections"?
Result show all matching [search] items, show result matching search criteria, or result shows all items matching search criteria.
I vote for using just the common wording AND and OR.
If the checked checkbox means "OR "(default unchecked "AND"):
"Results satisfy all selected criteria"
2 radio buttons labelled "OR" and "AND" (or a combobox) would be a more adequate and understandable than a checkbox. The default setting should be "OR" so that "no user action" means the same behaviour as we see today.
As long as most people understand the concept of "OR" and "AND", then two radio buttons would be my preference I think.
Sounds good to me!