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Full Version: Can MP3s be imported via wi-fi?
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And if so can anyone suggest a good method for doing so? I cannot seem to connect my android tablet to the home wi-fi network.

I think you need to put the *. mp3 files in a folder somewhere on your tablet, and then tell MobileSheets where to look for them.
The best way to do that is via a USB connecton.
While there are apps to allow for WIFI file transfer, I don't think there is a 'native' capability for that.
You can also import the files off Dropbox or Google Drive.
FolderSync and TotalCommander (combined with its WLAN plugin) for Android are able to access shared folders via WiFi.
I use both regularly to transfer files from my local network to the tablet.
Thanks guys. I went with an app called W-FiĀ  File Transfer Pro ($1.99) works a treat!