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Full Version: "Select All" option in song list?
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Does it exist? I just had to manually select 800+ songs to delete since my church music book updated to the new edition (will happen every year) and I needed to delete all my old snippets and import a new csv to parse my book.

It would sure be nice to be able to filter to that collection and then select all and delete. Maybe the option is buried somewhere? I couldn't find it.
It's in the floating filter bar you maybe have disabled in the settings.

There's already a request to have a select all in the overflow menu if the floating bar is hidden.
If you have all the songs in the 'collections' tab, try a long press on one of the entries, then there is a solid 'square' in a dotted square at the bottom right that selects all. Then the 'delete from library' is in the overflow [3 vertical dots].
I'll look for the floating toolbar next time, BRX. You are right, I've got that disabled.
I didn't see any square on the bottom right as described by Skip. I tried from both the "Songs" (filtered by collection) and "Collections" tabs with no success.
Skip's square at the bottom is the enabled floating bar. No select all without it. Therefore the request.