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Full Version: Alphabetic grouping and list of letters
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I really like the Windows 10 feature that after clicking letter it zooms out and list of letters is shown. I also found out you can reach this list by touch gesture (like if you want to zoom out that page). It's really like this and it seems faster and more precise that using smaller alphabetic list on the side. It might not be a bad idea to add option not to show this side alphabetic list.
Another idea. It would be great to add this feature to song view. Let's say I play one song from "collection A". If I do this touch gesture - zooming out it will show list of letters and if I pick one, it will take me back to "collection A" and to the letter I've just picked. It will really make looking for next song much more faster.
Great! That feature also exists in the Android version.
On Win 10 desktop, right-clicking a letter shows that selection list for the second letter that NeoCZ is talking about.
Usually "right-click" in Windows is equivalent to "long-press" on Android => I tried it and it works. Very nice.
I think we are talking about different things, please see attached image just to be sure what list of letters I mean.  

Correct. I was talking about that list in the attached screenshot.
Anyway I'm happy that I discovered a useful feature that I didn't know before.

How exactly did you get that list of letters in your screenshot? I cannot find what you describe as "after clicking letter".
Based on your screenshot - just click on letter E (or anywhere on that row) above "Eel's Nephew" and it should take you there...
NeoCZ - I'll certainly look into adding an option to hide the alphabet list. As for your second request, I need a little bit of clarification. Are you saying you want to support a zoom out gesture with the song loaded that would go back to the library screen? Wouldn't that interfere with the normal zoom pinch gesture for zooming in/out on scores? Or are you saying if you zoom out past 100%, then I would return to the library?
If I zoom out past 100%, I would like to see that new Windows 10 list of large letters (without the need to go to library screen and tapping random letter to show it). This way I can select new song with just three taps/gestures - 1. zoom out to show that list of letters (doesn't it have some special marketing name? :-) ) 2. select letter that next song starts with 3. select next song.
Maybe you can add it as an option to gestures/touch option so anyone who wants to use it, can configure it to any gesture he wants...
Just want to bring this up and ask you, Mike - How does it look with option to hide the alphabet list? I would like to hide all non-essential stuff from library view to eliminate unintentional taps and I don't use the alphabet list anymore because of this great Win10 list of letters.
At the moment I've been trying to focus on major bugs, and I fit in enhancements when I can. I haven't got around to adding a setting for this yet because any time I have to get something translated into all the various languages, it requires more effort and coordination.
Hi Mike. Did anything come of this idea? I'm looking for something similar, which is an option to hide the letter separators between songs, just so I can see more songs on a page.
No other users asked for this, so it's not something I've given much attention to I'm afraid. The alphabet list is hidden if the sort order is set to something that isn't alphabetic, so that's one way to get around it. As far your request to hide the letter separators, you can also change the sort mode to get rid of the separators. I haven't really thought about adding an option to hide them while using the alphabetic sorting though as no one has ever asked for that before either, and the headers are relatively small. If more users ask for this, it's certainly something I can add.