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Full Version: 1.6.5 Annotations issues
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I've fixed this issue - the textbox height is now correct on Windows and it no longer covers up content incorrectly. Having said that, I've found that I can only get about 95% accuracy with the textbox annotation positioning. The reason for this is that the method I use for the Windows 10 version calculates line heights differently than Android. If I measure the height of a line in Windows 10, it will give me the same result regardless of what character is on the line. This means the line height is stable which is actually nice when you are entering text as the line doesn't change it's vertical position as you enter different letters. On Android, it's giving me an exact measurement, which is basically a bounding box around the text that has been entered. You can test this by entering "c", and then entering a taller letter such as "j". You will see the line jump down with the "j". I actually think the Windows approach is superior. The problem is that I can't adjust the Android approach to be stable like Windows without breaking the positioning of everyone's annotations, so I'm going to have to leave it the way it is. Even if I did adjust it, it might still not be exactly the same as Windows as the way they measure text is still very different. The result is that there may be a couple pixels of difference between Windows and Android with annotations. It's very slight, but it's still noticeable in some situations.

(12-18-2016, 05:37 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]I did find a problem in the database upgrade code (it exposed a larger problem with how I was dealing SQLite errors in the Windows 10 version).  This caused text annotations from older backup files to be lost (not sure if this was an issue for you or not).

I can work on decreasing the amount of padding used on the Windows 10 version so that the textbox sizes are more in line with the Android ones.   I still don't see an issue with annotations not being shown in the editor though.

Is this still a problem that is being worked on?  I mean the problem in the database upgrade code. I have Mobilesheets 4.1.7 (not pro) on Android and on Windows 1.6.9.
When I imported the backup on W10 the annotations didn't come with it, at least not all of it. I only found one piece where an annotation did got imported, but still there where missing some in that piece.
I have the impressions that figures (cirkels and what not) are still there, but typed annotations not anymore.

I have something like 1600 songs, maybe max 300 (a guess) have annotations, I don't remember exactly which one. And it is a lot of work to manually check all of them and put it back.
Also of the figures that are there, some don't show the right size. (don't know if the fix you mentioned in this topic is already implemented) They are blown up like 6 times there original size. Less of a problem, at least there still there and when I need to use them I can correct that. But it is a little annoying.

I'm really super psyched that you are making a Windows version!! So done with Android. So I hope that you can help with this, if you want me to make an new topic for this let me know. But it looked like  what was described here.
There is probably more of an issue going from the original MobileSheets to the Windows version versus going from MobileSheetsPro to the Windows version. If you are able to upload a library backup for me, I can certainly look into what is happening with the annotations. The difference most likely has to deal with the different screen densities (the number of pixels per inch). In MobileSheetsPro, I added additional code to make annotations render the same way on devices with different density screens. That code wasn't in the original MobileSheets, so switching your library to a different device isn't always reliable. I actually have some ideas about how we might be able to fix this, so please contact me at

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