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Full Version: Fixed in 168 [1.6.7] Annotation Issue
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I have a text document (score which is not really a score) in MS Pro which is allmost completely made of annations.

The way it is shown in MS is completely unusable. (almost nothing left)

I have added a jpg which shows how MS shows it and I have added the related msf, exported from MS.

If required i can also add image and or exported msf from MS PRO

Update : .msf file was not accepted had to rename it to _msf.txt
Added image from same document in Android MS PRO for reference
Got a fix in place now - thanks!

I noticed something odd with that .msf file. The text alignment was extracted as centered, yet the positioning looked like it was supposed to be left aligned. Due to this, it rendered incorrectly until I went into the annotations editor and resaved the annotations. Should it have been left-aligned or center-aligned? I also found a bug with exporting text annotations in .msf files that causes scaling issues between different devices, so I'm glad I ran through this test.

It was supposed to be left aligned

Fixed in 1.6.8

Thanks !