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Full Version: Display Mode bugs
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If I set display mode (in overlay menu) to Half page, it just shows whole page. Single Page view works as expected - if Display half page in landscape is checked, it shows half page, if not, it shows whole page. Also Two Pages works without any problem.

Other settings from Display mode menu (don't know if it matters) - Orientation Landscape, Use default display mode for song is checked, repeat mode is off, Page color tone set to Sepia, Page Alignment set to Center.

Also other thing I've noticed was that in Global settings Display half page in landscape, half-page turns and zooming out pass 100% were missing and they showed (for Single Page view) once I've changed these in Settings --> Display Settings.
The Half Page mode in the display mode settings dialog is different than the half page display in landscape when using the single page display mode. The half page mode turns one half page at a time in portrait orientation, with every other page turn showing an entire page. I hide settings in that dialog that don't apply to the current display mode.
It seems a little bit confusing for me. If I switch/set orientation to Portrait, Two-page view disappears, that's OK and logical. Shouldn't Half Page mode disappears when landscape is selected, too?
You can still use the half page mode in landscape as well. The difference is that the half page display mode won't stretch the page beyond the screen limits, so it's only showing half pages that are half the size of the screen. The half page display option with the single page display mode is basically just enlarging the page (zooming in) so that the page is twice the height of the tablet.
Ok, thanks for clarification.