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Full Version: New year's wishes for 2017
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  • Tool Pad:
Resizable buttons (larger)
Reorder (sets first default tool, assignable Fkeys for quick selection)
Add/Delete from list of available tools
Detachable (floating)
  • Stamp Tool:
Add ''instrument family specific'' marks (ex. strings bowing marks, fingerings etc.)
Musical text marks (ex. brackets, dynamics, expression, breath marks etc.)
Note Heads (no lines) for in-music corrections
Import from Font file, Clipboard, drawing programs etc.
  • Pan Tool:
Single touch preset zooming (Caps Lock?)
Fkeys presets ex. 1=100%, 2=200%, 3=300%, 5=50%, 7=75%
  • Eraser Tool:
Add freehand mode (in addition to region select)
  • Mask tool (NEW):
Fill selected region (or freehand) with background color
Blank staff patches: matching printed music (sizeable spacing/thickness)
  • Vertical page turning separators (NEW)
After cropping pages in Page Edit Mode, turn more page ''pieces'' at once
  • More Touch/Pedals Settings:
Use of more than 4 programmable actions (use of keyboard or BT/USB pointing devices)
Bi-Mode actions for BT pedals (different behavior in Annotation/Performance modes)
More actions to choose from (Tool specific actions, Tool selection etc.)
Please can I have feed back on those suggestions?
Does some of those ideas are any good for other users?
Is it possible to think some of them would be implemented in the future?
Should I make polls to scan if they are any interesting to other members?