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Full Version: MS shuts down when clicking on Year Tab
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no matter where the position of the YEAR tab is: when I click on it, MS closes fully without asking.

Another thing I just noticed:
The show/hide Filter toggle option in the Overstack menu is gone when leaving and opening MS again (floating toolbar hidden).


I'll take a look at the problem with the years tab. As for the show/hide filter toggle, I'm definitely surprised to hear that as I thought I had all of the issues with that ironed out, but I'll take a look at it again. I do know that under some scenarios, items are not collapsing correctly into the overflow menu, so I'll need to look at that too.

I'm not having any luck reproducing a crash when selecting the years tab. I have a lot of crash reports I'm working through, so hopefully it will be included in one of those, otherwise I would need to figure out what's different about the entries in your library.