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Full Version: Backup/Restore problem
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On tablet1, I made a full (though audio files excluded) backup to DropBox.
On tablet2, I restored the backup from DropBox, deleting previous contents.

Now on tablet2, some songs are missing. They are part of a setlist but not present. However, "find missing files" does not report them. It does report the missing audio files.

Back to tablet1: Verified that the songs are present. New backup to DropBox.
On tablet2, restore the backup, deleting previous contents. All songs are now present.

Inspection learns that there were, indeed, 4 .cho files missing in the first backup set.

I can provide both backup sets if that would be helpful.
That would seem to indicate that for some reason, those four files were inaccessible while the original backup was being generated. Do you recall if you had loaded those four files before creating the backup? I'm curious if maybe the files were locked in some way.

Although those four files have been part of my collections for a long time, and been shown several times, I cannot guarantee that they have been loaded in this running instance of MSP.
When I verified the songs, I actually verified only two of them, not all four.
About the files being locked: 1 file I can imagine, but 4 files simultaneously?
I agree it's unlikely, I'm just not sure how four files could have been skipped like that... I'll run through some tests to see if i can reproduce this.
Since I have a gig this afternoon I made a fresh backup and uploaded it to dropbox. Then restored it on my spare tablet overwriting everything.
And again, the spare tablet misses at least one song file.