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Full Version: tips (literally) for erasing with highlight tool
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Are there some gizmos (I've heard of folks using sausages for some touch screen work!) that can be used for finer control when erasing stuff from a score?  I am "fat-fingering" the erasure close to things I want to keep.  Thanks.
You mean stylus:

They work better on some tablets than others. . .
(01-19-2017, 04:42 AM)jeffn1 Wrote: [ -> ]You mean stylus:

They  work better on some tablets than others. . .


Any experience with specific ones?  How fine do they "write" (erase in my case) and how long they last?  Lots and lots of choices I see, just trying to short-circuit the search for the "write" one!
For this purpose I bought a Samsung Note with dedicated (built-in) stylus.
This may be an area where there is a meaningful difference between some high end tablets and low end tablet (like the ones I use). On the Hannspree, the stylus works and I use it (probably better than my finger), but it is far from precise.
A generic stylus (with a soft, round top) emulates a (small) finger, so you get better precision than with your actual fingers.
The Samsun Galaxy Note (a.o.) has a 'real' stylus, with precision up to the pixel.
So is it the case that for say non-Note 2 tablets with the "real" stylus that the tablet is what controls the reading of the finger or stylus tip, or does actual tip size matter? I borrowed a stylus from my son and tried doing some fine work by enlarging the score image, but still could see a somewhat perfect circle was being produced when it hit the tablet. Maybe it's a fixed size and it's just the center point that is what can be controlled?

(Also -- I have issues when I try to enlarge the image to work with the highlight tool -- I don't seem to be able to do anything to position the enlarged part of the score, and depending on where I start, it might just scroll to the bottom of the page and not really enlarge when I click to open the tools. Any ideas on how to work that?)
The tablets with a real stylus (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note) have a capacitive touch screen PLUS a digitizer. The finger (and a generic stylus) controls the touch screen. The real stylus controls the digitizer. See e.g.