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Full Version: name of .msb backup visible on tablet?
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I use several tablets (as backup) with the same .msb backup file.
I mostly use one tablet and I sometimes make changes on it like annotiations, so the changes are minimal. And via my main tablet I make than a backup to Dropbox so I can restore this backup file on one of the other tablets.

Sometime I can't remember if I synchronized the backup files on the tablets already so I thought if I can see the backupname on the tablet (which I give mostly a unique name with date and timestamp) I know exactly if the other tablet has the same backup file loaded.

I hope you understand what I mean, because English is not my main language.

TIA, Jerry
Where exactly are you hoping to see the name of the .msb backup file? If you use a file browser like the one in MobileSheetsPro, you should have no problems seeing the file names for every backup file you've created. Or are you saying you want to know the name of the last backup file that was used to restore the library? That's not something I save anywhere in the application at the moment.
How about writing file name and path of the backup file into the "Recent" tab?
Good idea, but it won't stay there for long.
I think the best place is in settings > backup/restore > "Last backup restored was <name> at <date>"
@poetje: you could take a note yourself. E.g. you could write name and date of the backup file into the title of a dummy song before making a backup. So it would be restored with your library everywhere where you restore the backup.
My personal policy has been to always update all six of my tablets whenever any significant changes are made to the database (on any of them).

In some cases (when I'm making a major update that might take several sessions) I leave myself a note in Google KEEP so I know what song in the batch is next.

But, once the changes are completed, all tablets are updated to the latest.