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Hi everone, just waiting for my Android Tablet to arrive. I then intend to download MobileSheets Pro. I have files prepared in PDF format. As well as downloading the Adobe app, is there other apps I need to download to operate MobileSheets properly ?

Is there any problem downloading new MobileSheet files to my MicroSd card ?

The companion isn't required to run the app properly, but it certainly can help if you want to work on your library on your PC.

There aren't any problems putting the files on the MicroSD card, but depending upon the device you are getting and the OS version it's running, there are probably write restrictions when it comes to what directories MobileSheetsPro is allowed to write to. This only matters if you want MobileSheetsPro to manage your files. If you turn that setting off, and you manage your files and folders yourself, then you can put files anywhere you want on the micro SD card.

Thank you both for your replies. 

I have downloaded Mobilesheets Pro and have loaded and imported 2 PDFs. From MS sheet, I have tapped the centre of the screen but the Overlay screen has not appeared.  I know I am doing something wrong - can you help please.

You may be in 'performance mode'. Tap the lower right corner of the screen , that should bring up a popup, the center icon [a lock] should be white foe the overlay screen, orange is performance.
Thanks Skip, just found this out be accident 20 min ago. I appreciate this help and I'm sure I'll need some more tomorrow.