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Full Version: Companion not honouring task bar
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On my Windows system, the task bar is always visible i.e. "Auto Hide" is not checked..
This means that I always have to maximise the "batch import" dialog to see the Cancel and OK buttons at the bottom of the dialog; they need to be visible to access because these buttons don't have accelerator characters.

Any chance that the program could be modified to use the Screen.WorkAreaHeight rather than the Screen.DeskTopHeight (these are Delphi terms)?. This should then handle systems that don't hide the taskbar.

No rush

WPF doesn't really have a setting for constraints like that (to my knowledge). The batch import dialog's current default height is necessary to allow all of the content to be seen. It takes up only a portion of my 1900x1200 monitor. What size monitor are you running on where it doesn't fit vertically? If I shrink the dialog, the OK/Cancel are always visible. Perhaps it would help if you take a screenshot of what you are seeing.
Thanks for replying.

I'm using 1024*768.

This article indicates how to get the screen dimensions in WPF (but probably needs some reworking).

Not sure how I attach an image in this forum; suspect I have to post it somewhere and then provide the url.


The dialog has a default height of about 800 pixels. I incorrectly assumed that would work on most screens. I can add code to clamp that to the available screen space.

Suggest you use min(default height, workarea height).
That will give the current behaviour for users with large display sizes; for smaller displays, this should result in the central scrollbox (collections etc) having a scroll bar.

Many thanks

Many thanks for adjusting the height of the batch import dialog - it works for me.

Did have a slight problem (twice) trying to update the companion using your "automatic" mechanism. Although it downloaded the update (not sure where), it couldn't execute it (said "perhaps virus checker running" - or something like that). In the end, I just downloaded it manually from your web site and it installed first time.