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Full Version: Share - Export files - "Export with CSV"
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All my songs (more than 4000) in MSP are defined by single PNG-files.
May be that's the reason, I have memory trouble on my tablet.

It would be good, to have an additional button to export selected files (an album) into a new PDF including the creation of a CSV-file with page number and metadata.
"Export with CSV"
This is an interesting idea. The one problem I see with this is that the current PDF library I'm using generates really large and slow PDFs due to not supporting compression. I'm currently looking at a different PDF library which claims to be able to handle this better, but it's probably also a lot more expensive. I'll want to revisit this once I've found a better PDF library.

The PDF-File I could compress on my windows desktop computer later.
It would be good to have the combined PDF and CSV creation.
Smaller PNG file will load faster then enormous PDF multipage file.
Don't think you are going to help yourself by encapsulating PNG in PDF.
All my PDF-Books together on my desktop computer are less than 2.2 GB.
My Mobilesheets files without audio are more than 3 GB.
The reason is, that same sheets are stored several times with different ID numbers.
So I think I will have a realistic chance to reduce my sheets data.

In the beginning working with the green mobilesheets it seemed to be the better way to generate single png-files from all PDFs. Now it seems to be better to use multi page PDF.
Reorganising my sheets I do not want to lose all my metadata (composer, album, ...). Further I have done some corrections (aligne pages, rotate pages, ...).

Creating PDF from a selection is working good. I can use Acrobat Pro to compress the new PDF-File. The only thing that is missing is to get the metadata and page numbering into a CSV-file.