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Full Version: help, scroll / pedal settings for continuous page view
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I've searched / scanned forum posts for this, but haven't found what I'm looking for yet, so hoping to get help with it:

I'm displaying a multi-page PDF on portrait orientation screen.  I'm trying to get a mouse / pedal click to advance a song by 1/2 page, so that the screen goes from all of page 1, to the bottom of p1 and the top of p2, then to all of page 2, then bottom of 2 + top of 3, etc.  Like the "continuous page view" in Word or PDF readers.  The "pedal" is a plain USB mouse.

I've worked with both the touch + pedal settings (in the top-level app settings menu), and the song's scroll settings.  It will flip to the next page, but I haven't figured out how to get the continuous vertical scroll across pages.
Thanks in advance-
Have you tried the 1/2 page display mode option [Just below the portrait/landscape option] in the 'select display mode' along with the 'scroll continuously to end' in the scroll setup? The display mode is the 3rd from the left at the bottom.

It sounds like you want to scroll vertically - in that case, go to the display mode settings (tap the center of the screen to bring up the overlay and tap the display mode icon at the bottom), and select "Vertical Scrolling". If you then change the pedal settings to be "Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom" and set the scroll amount to 50%, I believe it should do what you are asking for. Don't forget that you need to also select "Treat Mouse Click as Pedal Press" under the Touch & Pedal Settings.

Thanks to you both.  It was the "Vertical Scrolling" mode that I was missing.
I love Vertical Scrolling too!
Since my screen is 16:9 but in Portrait Mode, I can always see a bit of the coming next page when I read because the screen covers longer than a normal page lenght...
Also I often crop pages into parts (movements, sections etc) that are then considered actual pages, so when I press pedal for a page turn it actually does like Tetris and I never get caught in a bad situation or feeling stress before a full page turn...
You have to train your eyes to follow up to the right place at first, but you get used to it!
As a last thing, I disable Visual Effect to reduce the sliding effect for a more instant turn.

Happy to find more Vertical Scrollers!
Hi domgi, I'm a fellow vertical scroller, too, also using cropping to have the next lines peek into the current page.

> You have to train your eyes to follow up to the right place at first, but you get used to it!

Yes, that's the one thing I'm not quite content with, otherwise my setup with vertical scrolling suits me well. But I often lose focus of the next line and scramble to find the point to play next since the scrolling/turning is to fast to follow with the eye.

Last year I suggested to Mike that he could make the scroll/turning speed of the page adjustable so you can use a slower speed your eyes can follow. So you don't lose eye contact to the notes you're playing and can see/play them while the scrolling occurs.

Mike, is there a chance you will implement this in the foreseeable future?
I use vertical scrolling, continuously to the end, mostly. The speed is adjustable in steps [in scroll settings], I use medium or fast then start/stop scrolling, if the speed is excessive, using a pedal.