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Full Version: Why does the page change?
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I set "None" or "Disabled" for every line of "Touch & Pedal Actions/Touch Settings/Touch Actions". Still, when traversing a Setlist, the tune changes every time I touch the screen. When a colleague wishes to point something out on the chart, touching the screen causes this unwelcome disruption. Shouldn't disabling Touch Actions make it necessary to go to the bottom of the screen and press the triangle to go back to the setlist and change tunes?
Don't use 'Load all', load the setlist songs as wanted.
That doesn't seem to work for me. I quit MSP and restarted it, opened the setlist, and didn't Load All. Selected a song. Thereafter tapping the screen switches songs, left side to previous, right side to next.

However, having just now disabled "Settings/Library Settings/Load Options/Always Load Whole Setlist," all is now well. Thank you!
Touching the sides of the screen will always turn pages - that's not something you can disable. I'm glad you have a workaround though.