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Full Version: Extract Pages from Large PDF
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I've read some posts about extracting a few pages from a large PDF, can't seem to get the process to where I can extract a single or a few pages.  Any suggestions?  Thank you in advance.  I'm using a Pro 12 Android table.
I used the snippet tool. I find it in the circle with triangle in it at the lower left. Select the multipage pdf>find the pages you want to use and write them dow>select the snippet tool>tap the page number line to bring up the total page range and enter the page[s] you want>assign a name at the top of the dropdown. That should do it I think. You can put those page numbers in any order, 12-10-11-12-13 if you need/want.
Thank you, great tool it is!!
alternatively you can prepare or download a csv file containing your desired metadata and use csv import