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Full Version: A couple of capo issues
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This is the grey area between bugs and features Smile .

In the Capo Display settings, would it be possible to add background colour "none"?

In the global Text Display Settings, it is not possible to set the default capo visibility to off.
Rationale: When importing a ChordPro song that has {capo 2} and chord C, it is going to be played with capo on 2 and a C chord, so I want to see the C chord, not a A#.
I can add "None" as one of the background colors. I'll just need to offset the current saved value to account for this, which hopefully shouldn't be a big deal.

I'll change the global text display settings so that it shows "Capo: <visibility icon>" as well as "Transpose: <visibility icon>". That way you can override whether the capo and transposing are active for new files without affecting the actual transpose/capo value (that was the reason I didn't want to include those settings on the dialog in the first place, as I didn't think it made sense to set a default transpose or capo).
It appears that "None" is already one of the background colors you can select for the capo. Did you try selecting that from the dropdown?

I have changed the text display settings dialog so that you can specify whether the capo should be enabled or disabled by default. This will be included with 1.8.1

You can select "None" from the song  capo settings:

but not from the global settings:
Got a fix in place now - thanks.