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Full Version: Half page turn preview on vertical mode
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First of all, super happy with the program (moved from Android to Windows in the last year).

I happened to spy on a friend's iPad Pro running Forscore the other day, and saw a nifty feature with half page 'previews'. On one pedal press, half of the next page would appear on the upper half of the screen, the current page still visible on the bottom. Next pedal press, full display of the next page. This would allow a preview of the top of the next page on each pedal press, especially useful when playing complex pieces on full scores.

More info here:

Any thoughts?
You can enable this by opening a score, tap the center of the screen to bring up the overlay, tap the display mode icon at the bottom of the overlay, then change the display mode to "Half Page". The only thing forScore offers that I haven't implemented yet is the ability to set where the half page turn will occur for each page of the song.