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Full Version: Scroll amount settings (feedback appreciated)
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A user has brought to my attention an undesired behavior with the automatic scrolling. I've changed the scrolling so that the speed at which pages are scrolled is now constant regardless of the page size. However, if the scroll behavior is set to "Scroll and Pause", and a page percentage is specified for the page amount, the amount the screen is scrolled between pauses varies based upon page size. If pages are heavily cropped, this results in a very small portion of the screen being scrolled each time.  This is especially noticeable when using the vertical scrolling display mode. One thing I can do is base the scroll amount on the screen size instead of the page size, and change the wording of the setting to, "Scroll Amount: ___ (% of screen)".

This also brings up the same problem with the scroll amount used with the pedal scrolling. For people using a pedal to scroll with the vertical scrolling display mode, I would think that scrolling a % of the screen height is also the right thing to do.  However, when using the single page display mode in landscape orientation, I would think people would want to scroll a percentage of the page, not the screen, as the page is twice as tall as the screen, so 35% of the page is 70% of the screen. This would also apply to the automatic scrolling.

I'm thinking that the best path forward is to scroll a % of the screen height in the vertical scrolling display mode, but scroll a % of the page when using the single page display mode in landscape orientation with half pages displayed. Does that make sense to people?  In this case, I may just change the wording of the setting to "Scroll Amount: ___ %". 

I really appreciate any feedback people can provide, as I hate to make changes to behavior without users buying in first.

What I would like now (I don't have a pedal yet) is to be able to scroll up and down in landscape mode with just a single tap, like left corner for up / right corner for down. And then have a setting that determines the percentage. Normally I use portrait on my tablet so scrolling not an issue but sometimes I use my phone so end up in landscape.
I've been using vertical scroll, continuously to end so far. I just tried the single page, vertical scroll, scroll/pause, which I like. Since I haven't used this option I have no input on it at this time. I also tried the scroll/pause after page turn.
Two things,
1 - I use a zero wait before starting scroll. The pause setting is overriding that setting and
2 - There is no pause when using the links to return to the first page it immediately makes a scroll, thereby eliminating the first section of the song.
Now you mention it...

I do not use automatic scrolling, but I do use vertical scrolling display mode with a pedal.
I think I'd prefer to have the percentage measured in screen size, and use 50% (the lower half of the screen shifts to the top).
crashkahuna - I can look into adding the ability to scroll using touch actions in a future update. I'll basically have to add the same kind of settings to the touch action settings screen that are available on the pedal actions screen, along with the scroll actions.

Skip - The pause setting isn't overriding the setting. I first wait a certain number of seconds before starting automatic scrolling, and then I initially pause for the pause duration so that the user can play the first part of the score without it immediately scrolling. The two are meant to serve different purposes. As for the second issue, are you tapping a link point to jump back to the first page? I haven't really added any sort of code to allow link points to be used in conjunction with automatic scrolling. I know some users have asked if I can automatically trigger link points when they are scrolled to, and that's something I'm going to have to look into at some point, but I definitely don't reset the scrolling when a link point is triggered.

Johan - Thanks for the feedback. I think it makes sense to use the screen size for vertical scrolling as well, so that's my plan unless I get additional feedback arguing against that.
The way I'm set up:
display mode - portrait, vertical scroll
auto scroll setting - scroll continuously to end, 0 seconds before scrolling starts
I use a 2 finger tap or a pedal to start the scroll, the scroll starts immediately, no pause, when tapped. When I make a single change, switching from the auto scroll setting to scroll and pause, there is a start pause the same length as the pause set in scroll and pause.
Yes on the link point use. The tune I used has a return to the beginning requirement at the end of the last page [page 9] for which I use a link. The tune runs all the way to the end, press link, it returns, then immediately makes a jump [scroll], the one set as the initial jump. The initial portion of the 1st page is skipped over. It does the same in the scroll/pause after page turn. In my normal setup, the link point makes the return and stops on the 1st page.
(04-24-2017, 05:02 AM)Zuberman Wrote: [ -> ]crashkahuna - I can look into adding the ability to scroll using touch actions in a future update. I'll basically have to add the same kind of settings to the touch action settings screen that are available on the pedal actions screen, along with the scroll actions....

Thanks for looking into this. I have to say this is a good app with great support.
I think the percentage of screen height for vertical scroll sounds right. I have always thought the pages should just be treated as a long "scroll of paper" that could be slid up & down regardless of page boundaries. In my situation, the pages I use are a maximum of A4 size/shape and get cropped from there. The A4 aspect on my tablet means a page is always shorter than the height of the display. Cropping means I can have two and sometimes even three pages fitting in the height of the tablet display. So scrolling by a percentage of page size is meaningless.

As mentioned by crashkahuna, an option to use this scroll from finger touches would be good (I don't use a pedal). Personally, if this works how I am imagining, an option to scroll by a display height percentage instead of forward and backward a page may solve many of the anomalies I have seen.


I'm definitely in favour of using percentage of screen height for vertical scroll as proposed. I am still experimenting as to the best use of scrolling for performance of piano pieces. I'm finding that I currently get the best results using the metronome settings. I don't need the metronome as such, but I set it at 60 bpm, and then (in the playback settings) set the number of beats per page at my timing for playing that page less 15-20 seconds. I then use 'Scroll and Pause' in the automated scrolling settings, and set the amount I have taken off (15-20 seconds) as the Pause Duration, set the scroll speed as 'Use Metronome', and scroll 50% of the page. This seems to make reasonable allowance for small timing variations between pages. For simple pieces without tempo variations, I use 'Fixed duration'.

One small point I have found is that if I use 'Create Snippet' to make a new song from a larger existing work, it doesn't seem (for me at least) to transfer across all of the metronome and scrolling settings. I guess that could be useful.


The Create Snippet function will now copy metronome, scroll and display settings from the original song if "copy metadata" is checked.