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Full Version: Snippet tool page order
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I thought the snippet tool used to accept out of order pages. I just tried to put a snippet together with paging 2-3-5-4 [just pages 2 and 3 displayed] and then just 5-4 [not acceptable].
I don't currently allow page ranges that go backward (i.e. 5-4), but I think you are right that I used to accept them. My parsing code correctly flips page ranges like that, but my validation code does not. I can fix this for the next update. Having said that, if you want to have separate page regions, they are expected to be separated by commas. So in your example, it should be "2-3,5-4", not "2-3-5-4". My code is not catching this error right now, so I'm going to have to fix that. If what you intended was pages 2 through 5, then page 4, that should be 2-5,4.

Thanks Mike. Either 2-3,5-4 or 2-3-5-4, page reversal, is what I'm after.
Mike; I used the comma separator and everything works fine [2-3,5,4]. You probably had a good reason for doing it that way, dash for an inclusive range and comma for random order. I'm a bit slow sometimes and it finally sunk in. Smile
Yes, that will certainly work. I still have added changes to support page ranges that go backward for the next update, so after that, either approach will work.