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Full Version: User text in unused screen area's
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I wonder if it would be possible to have the possibility to display user text in unused screen area's besides the score.
That text could be a song note or an annotation (whatever is easiest to implement).
I use MSP on bigger android tablets in landscape mode, 2 pages side by side, songs separated.
A little over half of my scores are single page sheets. So there is plenty of available space there, left and right of the actual score
Even when 2 pages are displayed side by side there is space available, left and right. Enough to put some annotation text in (not enough for song notes though).
Additionally, if a horizontal alignment setting were available (like now there is already a "page alignment" setting for vertical alignment), then in case of 2 pages being displayed, both pages could be "moved" to the left or right of the screen (in stead of being centered), thus combining the 2 smaller, unused screen area's left and right of the pages into one larger area . . .