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Full Version: Working between MS Pro for Android and MS for Windows 10
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Hallo everybody!

I'm working since a couple of weeks with MS-Pro for android and everything works fine.
I'm thinking of bying the MS for windows 10, import my already created libraries  into my laptop and have in this way a "back up" plan, in case my  android-setup does not work.

I istalled the free windows 10 test- version on my laptop and also the MS-companion (on the same laptop) but I do not manage to pair the app with the companion, so that can restore a CSV file-backup I created with my Android-setup.

The MS-Companion finds the MS-Windows 10 but does not connect.

Does anyone have an idea what I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S. I already tried with both MS-Pro Companion and MS-Companion apps.
Due to security restrictions by Microsoft, the MobileSheetsPro companion cannot connect to MobileSheets when they are running on the same PC. There really isn't any reason you should need to use the companion app with the Windows 10 version though. Other than viewing/extracting backups, there is nothing the companion app can do that you can't already do in MobileSheets itself.
Thanks for the fast reply!

With the free-version it is not possible to restore a backup (An MSB file) and that's why I started wondering...
I bought the full version and everything works fine!

Have a nice day,