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Full Version: Backup / Restore annotations on Android / Win 10
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Dear mobilesheets users,

I'm working with both windows 10 and android versions of the app. 
I edit the scores (annotations, linking points etc.) on the windows version, back it up and then restore the same file on my android device (Samsung S5 Neo).
I updated today both windows and android apps to the 1.85 version.
Unfortunately the annotations are either not backed up correctly, or not being restored right, since the annotations I make on the windows app, do not show on the android app after restore.

Interestingly I also noticed, that I cannot change the size of the linking points on the android mobilesheets-pro anymore.

Thanks in advance for any help,

That's definitely not a good sign. I'll run some tests to see if I introduced some compatibility issues between the two versions with how annotations are being stored.

I'll also look into the link point size issue.


I noticed, that some in windows-MS created annotations are showing on the top left corner of the android-MSPro when I am on edit-mode. 
I could move them, since they are on the top of each other, and see, that some are still missing.
While in "read-mode" the annotations do not show at all.
I hope the 2 pics help...
I've got a fix in place for this issue. When I optimized how annotation points are stored in the database, I didn't take into account the different endianness used on Android versus Windows 10. It basically means that Windows 10 is writing and reading the points in the database in a way where the representation of each number is backwards for how Android reads/writes those numbers. The update I plan on releasing soon will update the Android side so that it reads/writes the annotation points in the same fashion as Windows 10 to keep them compatible. What this means is that you guys will have to restore your Windows 10 backup file in Android again after the update, and then after that, everything should work properly.

I can't seem to reproduce the link point problem you are describing though. If I long press a link point in the link point window, it lets me edit the size and the link points on the score also change size to reflect this. If I change the default link point size, that also seems to work correctly for new link points. Is there something I'm not doing?

Hallo Mike!

Thanks first of all for the work you are doing!
I'll write to you, as soon as I update and test the new version later.

As to the size of the link-points:

I did most of my editing (the last 2 weeks), with the MS for windows and when restoring the backed up files to the android, both annotations and link-points did not show correctly on my mobile phone.
The annotations didn't show at all and the link-points were huge (or didn't show eather).

Since the last update (1.85) the link-point problem was resolved. I tested again to resize them, how you described and it worked...I am not sure anymore why I couldn't do it a couble of days ago. I think I didn't press long enough the link-point in the link point window...sorry about that!

The numbers in the link point window though do not show correctly.
I'll send you a pic, to tell me, what you think.

Have a nice day and thanks once more!

Sorry, I just realized, that the numbers in the link point window are there, they are just being "cut " (the numners window is to narrow) when the android is in landscape mode. In portrait mode thy are showing correctly.
Ahh okay, that makes sense, that window shows up correctly on my Nexus 10 in landscape, so I didn't notice that before.

Ok! The update 1.86 seems to resolve the problem with annotations not showing on the android device.

To everyone had the same problem: Do not forget to also update the companion app and the mobilesheets for windows 10!

Thanks Mike!