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Full Version: 1.8.6 - Song notes do not automatically disappear when changing song
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When using song notes, they show on top of the score and disappear after a tap or a timer.
I personally prefer the tap, as my focus my not be on the screen at the time they appear..

Sometimes I skip a few songs in a playlist, and then I have to tap the notes for the song I want to skip before I can turn the page.
Now with the new MIDI actions, I no longer have to reach for the screen to turn pages, I can turn the page through MIDI, and the song does change but the song notes of the previous song stay on the screen. 
So I still need to use my hand to tap, but now only for the song notes.

I wonder if it would be possible to make MSPro remove the song notes of a previous song automatically when a new song is loaded ??

I just noticed the song notes stay visible also when using a midi action to return to the library screen .
There's a similar situation when I use a footswitch: "next song" triggered by pressing the right pedal steps to the next song as expected. If the next song  has a song note I have to touch the tablet to make it disappear.
In that situation it would be better that the next right pedal press would first close the song note to show the song (not the next song!). Stepping really to the next song would require a second press on the right pedal.

Would that match also the MIDI workflow you are talking about?
I've modified the code so that, if a notes dialog is visible when a MIDI action is being triggered such as "Goto Next Page", the notes dialog will be hidden, and the MIDI action will not actually trigger anything. This will allow you to turn pages with MIDI actions and close notes without fear of accidentally going past a page you need to read. The only action that I will still trigger normally is the "Return to Library" action. For that action, I will close the dialog and then return to the library.

Let me know if you see any problems with that behavior.

No problems at all.

Thanks Mike!
I have been giving this some more thought, and I wonder if it would not even be better if, for actions 'next song' and 'previous song', the open song note dialog were to be closed and the action executed immediately (same as with 'exit to library', in this modification)
In that way, a user would have the choice to move fast (next / previous song), which would take effect immediately (even with open notes dialog) or slower (next / previous page) which would go step by step and first just close the open notes dialog, fully revealing the first song page.

This may not be compatible with what Itsme requires, but in his scenario, if 'next song' action were replaced by 'next page' action, I think he may also be getting what he needs ??

What I'm asking for is a setting that allows showing song notes as long as I want (not closing after a certein time) and closing the song note using the pedal so that it is not required to touch the tablet.