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Full Version: Batch import automatically match audio to songs didn't work.
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I'm setting up a tablet with MobileSheetsPro for my friend. I'm batch importing all my PDF songs, 165. I'm also importing the matching audio files. I have the import settings set to Automatically Add Matching Audio, and the file names before the extension are exactly the same, but after I batch import the song PDFs and then batch import the audio MP3 files, they don't link, all the audio files are a separate item on the song list. What am I doing wrong?
We resolved this issue through email (I believe). The problem was that the audio files were not in the same folder as the PDFs.

Yes. Meant to post here, but forgot. All is good, I was able to import all 165 songs and the matching audio files when they were all in the same folder. Mike mentioned that he needs to update the manual to clarify that.