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Full Version: Funnies with duplicates
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Used the companion "Batch Import" to update an existing song. It correctly identified that the song already existed and provided a dialogue to select the action (if I remember correctly, I chose what I thought was a new action of "Replace file" - can't get the dialog again so not quite sure of the wording)

Then had issues trying to repeat the Sync (tablet wanted to use USB - posted in another thread) and I had to restart the tablet.

Now, when updating another "existing" song, the Companion doesn't recognise that the pdf already exists and just copies the replacement file and creates another entry in the database  (just like it has always done for me previously)

Still on Companion v2.6.1 . As I can't reproduce the action dialog, I can't tell whether or not 2.6.2 has the same problem (but the update summary indicates that this area hasn't been changed).

How are you going about updating the existing song? Are you right-clicking and using swap file? That's usually the recommended approach. Or are you trying to import the same file again using drag & drop? That should also prompt you to swap, but if that's not working, it could be related to the issue in the other thread (

I'm using the Batch Import mechanism from the main menu in the companion i.e. not drag n drop.