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Full Version: airturn pedal functions
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I use a BT-106 airturn duo with my mobileSheets Pro app.  Does anyone know if there is a setting in MSP that will allow me to change the function of my airturn pedals?  Specifically, I want to page ahead with the left pedal and page back with the right pedal--the duo is factory set to do the opposite of this.  I've contacted airturn support and they say this setting can't be changed with the airturn modes but could possibly be changed with a setting in my music app.  Thanks for any help.
Check Settings>Touch & Pedal Settings>Pedal Actions.
or take a screw driver and a soldering station and exchange the cables in your airturn pedals
(07-20-2017, 01:31 AM)Skip Wrote: [ -> ]Check Settings>Touch & Pedal Settings>Pedal Actions.

Perfect!  Thank you Skip.  That's exactly what I needed.