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Full Version: Title format is not restored
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When I make a backup on Android and restore it on Win10 (both with "include settings") "Song Title Formatting" is not restored-
"Song Title Formatting" is restored correctly when I restore the same backup file on an Android device.
Other settings are also missing. By now I found:

Display Settings - Page Slider Visibility
Display Settings - Disable Page Turn Animation
Display Settings - Display Half Page in Landscape
Display Settings - Show Next Song Indicator
Display Settings - Show Preview During Page Seek
Text File Settings - Use Multiple Columns
Text File Settings - Display File Encoding
Text File Settings - Auto-Size Font
Text File Settings - Maximum AUto-Size Font

All are restored correctly on Android
Another setting MSPW doesn't save as MSPA is the untick for deleting files when deleting something from the library (during usage, that is, not only after backup.
I just tested this, and encountered no problems. When I restored my backup from Android, all of the settings you listed restored correctly for me. I'm worried something may be messed up in the settings file on your machine. Go to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState and delete display_settings.xml. Then try restoring the backup and see if the settings are correctly restored.

BRX - I don't think that setting is something that is saved. I determine whether to check that box depending upon how many songs use the file (if multiple use it, I uncheck it).

Thanks Mike, removing display_settings.xml fixed it, settings are restored correctly now.

A new display_settings.xml has been created as expected. I was surprised that it is identical to the one that I removed and does not contain any of the settings that I was missing.
Is removing display_settings.xml a kind of a trigger that causes ALL config files to be created anew?
Regarding the untick/tick of deleting:

I understand your logic better now. Indeed in MSPW it was single files (not used otherwise) I wanted to delete from the library and not from the card. But I expected it to remember the last setting since it was always unticked in MSPA (but I have amost exclusively files that are used by different songs). Your logic for that is a bit unexpected and not obvious to the user. Personally I prefer saving the last tick/untick though since I usually want to keep the source files anyway.
No, deleting that file shouldn't have that kind of an impact. That one file just happens to contain all of the settings you listed I believe. If the files before and after are identical, I'm not sure why deleting the file mattered. I may have to look at the code some more. I may be trying to just overwrite the existing settings file instead of deleting, then recreating. Perhaps this causes some kind of problem.

... That one file just happens to contain all of the settings you listed I believe ...
No sorry, that's not the case.
This is display_settings.xml:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<int name="TwoPageTurnMode" value="0" />
<int name="AdapterTypeLandscape" value="0" />
<int name="ScaleModeLandscape" value="0" />
<int name="ScaleMode" value="0" />
"Song Title Formatting" that made me start this thread is in
Then that makes it all the more confusing why deleting that one file made any difference...