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Full Version: log file for backup and restore
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It would be great if I could look things up in a log file:

- date of the backup or restore
- path and file name of the backup file
- backup / restore settings
- errors that occurred: e.g. when file / folder access failed and why
- if file path has been changed during restore

Could it be that something like that already exists and we just don't know about it?
I don't currently log anything to disk like that. If that kind of information would be useful on a regular basis, I can certainly consider adding an option for that. Would you prefer an external file that you have to go access, or would you rather have an option when a backup or restore completes that lets you view additional details? That option would pop up a dialog where you can scroll through and read the information.
A dialog is definitely not what I requested. It needs to be stored somewhere, a file in the same directory as mobilesheets.db would be fine, storing it in the database would also be OK if it is easier (but I would prefer not cluttering the database with things like that).
My main reasons for requesting that:
- checking after a restore if any song file was restored to a different folder
  (that happens e.g. in case that a folder is not existing or not accessible for some reasons)
- checking later (maybe after a long time) from which backup file the data on a certain device has been restored
- investigating errors to support bug fixing