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Full Version: left handed mode
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Hi Mike,

I hope I haven't overlooked something again, but last time looked I haven't seen anything.

AFAIK I can choose the touch actions but the areas for page turning can't be changed. Maybe you can consider to include these as well in the touch actions so one can choose other areas for it?

What I am looking for in particular is to swap the left and right side for turning pages forward and back, a left hand mode so too speak. If you don't want to include it in the touch action for design reasons I'd still suggest a left hand mode in the options for swapping the page turn areas.

Reason: There are occasions where it is more convenient to turn pages with the left hand. Imagine a right handed trumpeter. Or in my case as a pianist in a bigband I have much more occasions for a free left hand to turn the page with a touch on a screen (don't like BT pedals much). It would be more convenient to turn the page with a touch on the left side of the screen with a free left hand, so you don't have to "cross" the screen and cover notes you still might have to read.

It's a little thing and a not a big inconvenience, but I imagine it wouldn't be hard to implement and doesn't interere with other functions.