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Full Version: Search for today's posts
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Does the board software allow to show the posts of the last 24 hours rather than from 0.00 a.m. of a specific time zone? Because of the different time zones of the users I'd like that better.
At the bottom of the drop-down menu, which opens when you click on your name (top right of the page) you will find "View Today's Posts"
Thanks, but not my point. I asked because this feature only shows the posts for the day regardless when you search. I prefer the last 24 hours from time of search.
Have you tried 'New Posts'? That might work for you if you check every 24 hours.
Sure. Mostly using that.

But sometimes I want to reread a post or thread from the past 24 hours which doesn't show up as new one any more. Hey, it's no biggie, just asking because I'm used to the 24 hours from other boards. I thought it might be available in MyBB, too. If not, again, no biggie.
As far as I can make out (I normally use the New Posts option) the Today's Posts menu does what you want. For example, your last post in this thread was at 21:07 (i.e. yesterday) and using the Today's Posts, I see it here at 12:00 today.
No, the difference is there is a cut off at midnight. You see this thread because the last post in it was after the cutoff. My post about requesting a lefty mode isn't shown though it was around 8p.m.