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Full Version: Add second page to an existing song?
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I have a music lead sheet (lyrics and chords) in pdf format on the tablet.  I would like to add a second page to that song. Can that be done, and how?
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I can't see a way to "follow" a thread, and depending on what is requested, I might be interested in the reply, so I'm adding my interest in this.

1. I have some songs that go onto two pages, so I entered them separately, and they work fine in a setlist where I can swipe to the next page. But I would like to connect them so that when viewing them not in a setlist, I can still scroll to the next page. In this case, those two pages could always be connected, with no need to have the second page listed separately.

2. I have songs that form a medley, so that's similar to 1 above, except that the songs would need to always be available on their own, but if I had a separate "song" called "something medley", I would have the let's say three songs attached so that I could scroll directly to the next when not in a setlist.
Select (longpress) the song in the song list. Tap on EDIT in the top bar. Go to the FILES tab, and add new files.
Just add the wanted pages/songs as additional entries in the files tab of the edit screen.

In case of the medley make a new song in the database for it to keep the parts separately available.
Note, when making the medley. When you add a file that already exists in the database you get the option to use the existing file. This means the medley will use the same PDFs as the individual songs, so will take up very little extra space.