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Full Version: Titles for Classical Music
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I am new to MobileSheets, so I am about ready to begin building my library. I am primarily a classical pianist, so I am interested in capturing Metadata that includes key, opus number, publisher, composer, year. It would be helpful if genres were multilevel (eg. Classical.Romantic or Jazz.Ragtime). 

1) is it possible to categorize genres multilevel?

2) What are best practices to capture this data so that titles will show appropriately? (Example: Chopin Nocturne Eb Opus9Nr2)
Look at settings>library settings>song title formating for what you can  use for id-ing the song on the main library page. As for the multilevel you can check more than one of the ones shown or make your own using 'new'. You could also 're-purpose' an unused group tab for another use. You would have to remember that use since the tabs cannot be renamed, except for the custom group.