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Full Version: Comment line wrapping
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The following line

{c: Intro [Em]  [C]  [Em]  [C]  [D]  [Bm]  [Em]  [C]  [Em]  [C]  [D]  [Bm]}

is wrapped, while it would fit more than nicely.


I assume the breaking logic gets confused by the embedded chords.
I'll see if I can reproduce this (I'm betting I can). I'll have to see which part of the logic is getting tripped up by not ignoring the width with the brackets.
I have a fix in place for this now.

Better, but I still see some strange cases.


when rotated to landscape:


and back to portrait:

Thanks - I'll see if I can reproduce that using your example.

Any chance you can send me that file? I was unable to reproduce the issue in my initial tests.

I thought I appended it, sorry...
I've fixed the issue with that file - thanks!